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Philip Donnelly AKA The Clontarf Cowboy

From: Dublin


Style: rock



Philip Donnelly was involved in various bands including the Oscar Whifney Quintet, Portrait, Elmer Fudd (1971), Donovan's band (1969-70 and again in the late 70s), the Gary Moore Band (ca 1973-74), and Moving Hearts. He moved to Nashville and worked as a session musician there and in LA, appearing on recordings by Guy Clark, Crystal Gayle, Townes Van Zandt ('Flyin' Shoes' LP 1978), and Lee Clayton among others. He returned to Ireland in the 80s to join the Fleadh Cowboys in 1987 and recorded his debut solo LP 'Town And Country' in 1988.

Other credits: Gary Moore Band 'Grinding Stone' LP (CBS 1973), Dorsey Burnette 'Dorsey' LP (Capitol 1974) and 'Things I Treasure' (Calliope 1977), Bonnie Koloc 'Close Up' LP (Epic 1976), Donovan's 'Slow Down World' (Epic 1976), Zwol (1978), ...


• Speed of the Sound of Lonelinese / Abandoned Love
7" - Dublin Records - DUS1 - 1988 - PS
A-side by John Prine, B-side by Bob Dylan.

• Abandoned Love / Number One
7" - Dublin Records? - ??? - 1988 - PS?
A-side by Bob Dylan.

• Town And Country
LP - Dublin Records - ??? - IRL - 1988

• Silver Station
LP - Dublin Records - ??? - 1991

Philip Donnelly and The Regulators - Inner Feelings
CD - label? - 1995

The Regulators - The Spirit of Communication
CD - label? - 1997

Philip Donnelly and the Free Range Pickers - Live at the Midleton Folk Club
CD - Dublin Records - ??? - 2003


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See Also: Elmer Fudd, Fleadh Cowboys, Moving Hearts

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