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From: Belfast

Active: late 1970s

Style: Rock



Light were a late 70s rock band from Belfast featuring twin guitarists Jim Armstrong (ex Them, Truth, Bronco and Spike) and George O'Hara (ex College Boys, Telstars, The People). Light supported Thin Lizzy during their two concerts at the Ulster Hall in Belfast in 1978.

Their sole album is a decent collection of light progressive with slight psych and hard rock touches, featuring some very fine guitar playing. It is quite difficult to locate these days. Jim Armstrong was later in Sk'boo.

The German Paisley Press label reissued Light's album on CD in 2015. Here are the liner notes:
"Anyone who remembers THEM (with Van Morrison) between 1967 and 1968, and (without Van Morrison) between 1969 and 1971, or a Chicago-based band called TRUTH, cannot fail to recall the playing of one of the world's great rock guitarists JIM ARMSTRONG. Following the demise of TRUTH in 1971, Armstrong retreated from the international scene to gig at a more relaxed pace in his native Belfast. There was some writing and recording work with Brian Scott and bertie MacDonald in 1973, to be followed by concert performances with an occasional band called LIGHT, which, also included George O'Hara and Albert Mills. The breakthrough came in March 1977 when the band came together to play regular sessions at Ireland's premiere rock venue (sic!), the POUND, at the invitation of Dermont Moffatt. The last fifteen months have seen LIGHT established as Ireland's finest rock band, possibly the best ever."

Bill Graham's review of the Light LP from October 1978.
[I couldn't resist fixing the many typesetting errors].


• The Break / Castles in the Sand
7" - Mint Records - CHEW 21 - UK - 1978 - no PS
Produced by George Doherty.

• Light
LP - Mint Records - MINT 11 - UK - 1978
CD - Paisley Press - PP 105 - Germany - 2015 - bootleg

Notes: All arrangements by Light. Produced by Jim Armstrong and George Doherty.

• Dry Your Eyes / Turn Out The Light
7" - Shock Rock - SRS 501 - UK - 1980 - PS?

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