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Of Xerox

From: Baldoyle, Dublin

Active: 1980-82

Style: Post-punk



All female post-punk band with a very good following around Dublin, active 1980-82. Of Xerox was formed by three bored teenage girls at St Marys school in Baldoyle: Min, Dee and Carol. The original drummer Kerry was replaced by Chris Ward after about a year. They also put out their own fanzine Ten Pence Worth featuring The Pretty.

Their first gig was with Les Fruits (anyone ever heard of them?) and was a disaster. By the time they supported The Outcasts at McGonagles a year later they were a bit more together and had developed their sound. This was described by Vox as "aggressive poetry backed by rhythms of heavy drims, lots of bass, and sparse guitar". Dee was a self-taught, unconventional guitarist who used to play seated on stage. Min was an aggressive vocalist.

In the Vox interview the band claimed to have no ambition to progress in the sense of becoming accomplished musicians or follow a 'normal' musical career path and had no plans to record a demo. They did record their rehearsals however. They'd split by 1982.

Chris Ward was from Redcross, Co.Wicklow but grew up in Manchester. He'd previously played bass in a Wicklow punk band called K-Scope, active circa 1979-80 (more details to follow, hopefully).


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