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Screech Owls

From: Dublin/London

Active: 1986-




The Screech Owls began as a duo of Debbie Schow (AKA Skhow, an American based in Dublin) and Richard Evans (AKA Dik of the Virgin Prunes) originally known as The Kid Sisters. An early, as yet unnamed version of the band was mentioned in an article In Dublin magazine in May 1986. They were rehearsing in Temple Rehearsal Studios in Dublin since February with John Bonnie (ex Boneshakers, future Those Handsome Devils) on drums and Alan Taaffe (ex Gorehounds) on bass. Taaffe by that stage had been in 14 bands in 8 years, playing everything from disco to psychobilly.

The Screech Owls recorded a demo in 1988 with the help of Brain Neavyn (bass) and Dave Burke (drums) of The Slowest Clock. They relocated to London in search of a permanent rhythm section and added bassist/multi-instrumentalist Martyn Baker and future Tinderstick drummer (name???) to the lineup. Other members have included Duncan O'Celliagh (AKA Parvoart), Sheila O Sullivan and Miyouki Katsuna among others while noted trumpeter Ian Smith (of Real Wild West) guested on recordings.

The "Desert" single was self-released in the early 90s, distributed by Rough Trade. A video was made by Peak Productions in Dublin. Schow's spoken vocal sounds a little like Chrissie Hynde of The Pretenders. The A-side was reissued on CD by Boa Records in 1996 with 3 bonus tracks. The second single "Pray For Rain" was issued on the short-lived Wednesday Works label.

The band recorded sessions for Mark Radcliffe (BBC Radio 1) and Dave Fanning (RTE) and were broadcast live on Anna Livia Radio (Dublin), Radio Na Life (Dublin) and on the BBC in Belfast and Scotland (exact details unknown).


• various artists - Where To, What Now, Which Hunt
details on this are sketchy, please get in touch if you know more
LP - ??? - 1988?
Benefit LP in aid of Women's Rights.

• Demo
K7 - demo - 1988
Recorded 1 October 1988 at STS Studio Dublin.
Recording engineer Ian Bryan. Mixed by Sean Devitt.

• Desert / Hey Toreador
7" - Girl Records - OWL 1 - UK - 199? - PS

Note: The B-side features Neavyn & Burke and was recorded in 1988.

• Pray For Rain / 29 Palmtrees
7" - Wednesday Works - Day 2 - IRL - 1996 - booklet

• various artists - Noises from the Sound Cupboard
LP - Boa Records - HISS 9 - October 1996

Note: Scottish music/spoken word compilation, also featuring Adventures In Stereo, John Cavanagh, Cowboy Ernie Sites, Peter Easton, Electroscope, D.P. Hughes, Interceptors, Magoo, Mogul, Netto Warrior, One Dove, Policecat, Rhatigan, Urusei Yatsura, and Van Impe

• Desert Songs and Dirty Pictures EP
CD - Boa Records - HISS 11 - UK - 1996?

Note: Boa Records is based in Glasgow and owned by The Elecroscope (Gayle Brogan & John Cavanagh) who make a guest appearance on the track "Ghost".

• various artists - Franticsemantics EP
7" - Hummy & Joey Records - SPAZ01 - 1997 - 1000 copies pressed

Note: Also featuring Arab Strap, Amp, and Machismos


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See Also: Real Wild West, The Slowest Clock, Virgin Prunes

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