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Search And Destroy

From: Dublin





Dublin punk band who regularly played the Stooges track from which they took their name. An LP "Blood From A Stone..." was forthcoming in 1987 but this never came out (any tapes or test pressings out there? how far along did this get?).

The single comes in a photocopied cover and states it's the second edition. The first edition may be a casstte but I don't know this for sure. Also note the front cover variations below. "Problem Child" (not the AC/DC song) has a fourth writing credit 'Price' who may have been an earlier member of the band.

David 'Sid' O'Byrne is ex Napalm Sunday. Ministry of Youth also figure in the pre-history.


• Watchdogs / Problem Child
7" - Comet Records - 003 - 1987 - PS
B-side recorded live at JJ's Bar.
Issued in two different picture sleeve designs, the second sleeve with several variations.
The first picture sleeve is a proper sleeve, the second a folded A3 sheet.
The second sleeve has several variations with different layout; some appear to be printed on A3, others photocopies.
The same label design appears on all issues.

• Out Of The Skull EP
K7 - FOAD Records - 4 / SAD2 - 1987
Recorded at the Recording Studio and JJ's Bar (live tracks).
All tracks by Kearns/O'Reily/O'Byrne except "Search And Destroy" by Pop/Williamson.

• various artists - Comet Tape 3
K7 - Comet Tapes - COMTAPE 5 - IRL - 1988
See Compilations section for full track listing.


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