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From: Limerick

Active: 1986?-1991




Band formed by main songwriter Eamonn Hehir. They recorded a demo in 1987 and appeared on the Reindeer Age compilation. He now fronts Eamonn Hehir And The Small Mercies with Fox and Dwyer. Tony Brennan is a session drummer and teacher. He'd previously played in Richie Laurance AKA Larry Ricardson's pop band Jukebox (see the help needed section). Tom Jones (of Average Contents and Tuesday Blue played with the band at some point. Mike Ryan had been in The Outfit. Des O'Dwyer recorded a solo LP ("Home James") before his death.

Mary Yelverton went to school with my sister!

In 2012, Eamonn Hehir appeared on "The New Reindeer Age" compilation CD (Indielimerick Records) and is still recording and performing.


• demos recorded circa 1987
Recorded at Elm Tree Studios, Cork
tracks: ?

• various artists - The Reindeer Age
LP/K7 - Xeric Records - XER 02 - IRL - February 1990
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• demos circa 1989-90

• Green Eyes / Tribalism
7" - Xeric Records - XER 10 - IRL - November 1990 or January 1991 - PS
B-side features Des O'Grady on drums and is an older recording.
A promotional video was made for this single


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