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The Village

From: Waterford

Active: 1984?-

Style: Indie



Indie quartet with slight psychobilly leanings with one excellent single to their name. Formed circa 1984, they made their Dublin debut at a Local Motions organised gig at the Underground in 1986. The single came out the same year.

Another great track "Prisoners of the Heart" (and possibly "There You Go") was recorded for Dave Fanning (I think?) but may not have been released?

The bands PR was done by Eoin Ronayne, manager of Neuro. The photos on this page are (probably) by Eoin. Paddy Jacob was a Neuro roadie at one point. Both bands used Cooleycall Studios in Bridgetown in Co. Wexford to record demos. Cooleycall was run by Mike Odlum and Paul Spencer both formerly of the Billy Roach Band.

The band had a strong following in Waterford and feature in the documentary film about Waterford bands called 051. "Mental State" was used as the soundtrack to the promo clip for it. The performed a reunion gig in 2006 (see external links below).


• Mental State / In My Vision
7" - Bus Records - BUS 30 - IRL - 1986 - PS
Recorded in Cooleycall Studios, Wexford. Produced by Paul Spencer.

• various artists - 015 Soundtrack
CD - ??? Records - ??? - IRL - 2006
See Compilations section for full track listing.
track(s): ?
If anyone has any more details about this CD release please get in touch.


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External Links: 051 promo clip with "Mental State" on YouTube, 2006 Reunion on You Tube: In My Vision and Sacrifice

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