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From: Glengormley

Active: 1980-85

Style: Early Industrial



Colin Woods (guitar), Peter Todd (bass) and Ken Hosick (drums) had been in the original lineup of L-OX. They formed the short-lived Traitor with singer Stephen Swailes. When Colin left to form Music For The Deaf, the remaining trio became The Allotropes.

The band had the unusual lineup of just bass and drums over which Swailes improvised vocals. This lineup imploded, with Swailes eventually replacing the others with guitarist Karen Aitken and Ben Allen of Cabaret fanzine.

I haven't heard the cassettes, but judging by the samples on the website offering CDs of the bands material, The Allotropes were part of the early industrial scene. Their recordings are lo-fi DIY bedroom-level electronica, feature electronic percussion, repetitive synths, some random/white noise and occasional guitar, typical of early 80s cassette culture. "More Throbbing Gristle than Spandau Ballet" maybe, but equally more Depeche Mode than Cabaret Voltaire. Check out the samples at http://www.allotropes.plus.com

The lineup in 1980 was Stephen Swailes (vocals), Peter Todd (bass) and Ken Hosick (drums). From 1981 it became Stephen Swailes (vocals), Karen Aitken (guitar) and Ben Allen (synth?).

Discography • Drop The Bomb
K7 - Cabaret Records - ??? - 1981

Allotropes / Cabaret - split EP
K7 - Cabaret Records - ??? - 1981

• All Trees
K7 - Cabaret Records? - ??? - 1982
CD - label? - ??? - 2007
Features Colin Woods on guitar

• Allotropes #3
K7 - Cabaret Records? - ??? - 1984

• Buckminsterfullerene
CD - Sinewave Songs - ??? - 2007?
Compilation of 22 recordings (c) 1979-1998, i.e. including some recent remixes or recordings, but most tracks date from 1980-85.


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See Also: L-OX, Music For The Deaf

External Links: http://www.allotropes.plus.com

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