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Other early music magazines include: Gun (early 70s) produced by the Bolgers; Buck Out, circa 1973-74, possibly an early Stokes brothers venture (Niall Stones was definitely a contributor); Scene (c1975) which was the direct precursor of Hotpress; and others. Obviously there is also Spotlight and it's successor Starlight. In the 60s there was Hitsville. And there was regular (often excellent) music coverage in In Dublin magazine for a number of years. This section greatly needs expansion. If anyone out there thinks they can contribute to this subject, please get in touch.


Irish Artist sites

An Emotional Fish Gavin Friday The Stunning
Aslan Golden Horde The Tearjerkers
Auto Da De Microdisney The Tearjerkers
Boomtown Rats The Moondogs Trojan
Dave-id Busarus My Bloody Valentine Pierce Turner
Cactus World News Rudi Undertones
[www.geocities.com/cbdawn/cbdawn.html] Cry Before Dawn [www.ruefrex.co.uk] Ruefrex U2
Roger Doyle Stano Virgin Prunes
Daniel Figgis SLF Aidan Walsh

Irish Record Labels

Blue Rhythm Audio

Irish Rock Music sites / zines

Irish Music Database -- good overview of better known Irish indie bands
Irish Music Central -- excellent resource for more recent bands
Irish Band List -- current unsigned Irish bands

Hot Press magazine -- a fairly rubbishy site unless you subscribe.
Hardcore Times
Thumped Independent Irish Music Resources

Peoples Republic of Cork
Punk in Derry
Limerick Band Archive

Punk & New Wave sites

Punk 77
Punk Net 77
Kill from the Heart
The mod pop punk archives

General Music Related Resources

All Music Guide
Muze Encyclopedia of Music: this link doesn't work anymore, too bad, it's much better than All Music.
Trouser Press Guide

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