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Ask Mother

From: Belfast

Active: 1977-79

Style: Rock



Not a punk band but with roots in the punk rock scene. Possibly also related to an earlier band called Chaos, though frankly the details I have are very sketchy.

Ask Mother's live set included covers of "Waiting for the Man", "Heartbreak Hotel" (via Cale) and "Satisfaction". According to Private World #6 not everyone in the punk scene appreciated them for this very reason. They were also pretty rough (i.e. under rehearsed) on occasion.

A single was recorded for IT Records but it never came out. When some of the band went to the IT Records shop in Portadown one Saturday to see why the release had been delayed, a fight broke out! The band were not happy. The tracks recorded at the IT session included "Twinkle", "Do You Wanna Know A Secret", "Love 'n This Lady" and "Let Dreams Lie (Till Tomorrow)". Other band originals included "Angel of Royal Avenue" and "Swing in the End".

Robin Holmes played bass at one point before joining Androids in 1978.

The band split for personal reasons.

Andre Stitt became a well known performance and fine artist.

The band is featured on Shellshock Rockers' Vol.ll released by Spit Records in 2013.


• title? EP
7" - It Records - IT 6 - planned for 1978 but unreleased


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See Also: The Androids, Chaos

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