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From: Dalkey, Co.Dublin

Active: May 1994-




Formed in 1993 by William Stewart and Karl Hussey. The original lineup was a trio with Ben Delaney, but they soon decided they needed a bassist and Daniel Barry joined in February 1994. They reheased for three months and then played their first gig in May 1994, a set of old punk covers. They gigged heavily during 1994 playing over 50 gigs, in places like The Rock Garden and The Attic. They gradually phased the cover versions out of their set.

Bambi recorded a two track demo in Sun Studios towards the end of 1994. This was played on pirate radio. In April 1995 they recorded four songs at Lansdowne Studios which were released on cassette (The Quater Blood Technique). A full album (13 songs) was recorded for Dead Elvis Records in the summer but the release was aborted, reputedly through mis-management. In 1996, new recordings with a more 60s Garage Rock sound were made at Tapeworm studio. These were released by Rejected Records as The Psychedelic Sounds of the Orange Whip EP. A video was also made for 'Orange Whip'. Further recordings the same year at Sonic Studios were unsatisfactory and the same material was re-recorded at Tapeworm. This session was released by Rejected/Damaged Goods as the May Contain Traces Of Peanuts album in 1997.

In spring of 1997 the band recorded a session for RTE with Pete Holidai producing. The 5 tracks received some airplay but the session has never been released. The band toured in France in April and were offered a record deal by Infectious Records which they rejected but signed a publishing deal with Infectious Music instead. A second recording session in 1997 was attempted, this time with Aidan Foley in the producer's chair. This material also remains unreleased. Towards the end of 1997 the band's sound began to move in a sleaze rock direction, as captured on the last two singles (finally released 1999-2000, by which time the band had ended its contract with Infectious).

While their new, more mature sound was a significant development, their progress suffered several setbacks during 1998. They lost their rehearsal space in the city due to the rising rent prices associated with the mythical celtic tiger, which meant they were unable to rehearse. They also gigged much less in Dublin due to the number of venues in the city dwindling for the same reason. This halted the progress of their new material. Even so they recorded some successful demos at Dirt Studios with Ronan McHugh, now their preferred engineer. They recorded two tracks at Acme with McHugh for a planned single but the release was stalled. The year ended with support slots for Girls Against Boys and The Jesus Lizard at the Mean Fiddler. This trend contined into 1999. Venues in Dublin continued to shut down at an alarming rate and the planned single remained stalled. Rehearsals were few and far between. The bands first gig of 1999 was the Bon Scott-AC/DC Tribute on St.Patrick's Day (March 17). Their set was 'Hells Bells', 'Beating Around the Bush', 'Riff Raff', and 'Sin City'. This gig later came out on cassette AFAIR. The band worked on material for an album between March and July and then split for the summer.

'Supertease' / 'Play the Shot' was finally released on the bands own Free State Recordings in November 1999. It was the first evidence of the bands new sound and was well worth the wait. It's a stunning record housed in wonderful artwork by Dan Barry. There was also a cheap but effective video for 'Play The Shot' that had been made earlier in the year.

A second self-released single 'Hind Leg Mary' / 'Sink Incisor' followed circa June 2000. A third track recorded at the same session 'Cattle Strap' was earmarked for a Road Relish release but it never came out. The planned album was never finished. Bambi toured in the USA for a month during the summer of 2000 and split in the Autumn of the same year.


• The Quater Blood Technique
K7 - self-released - 1995
Four songs recorded at Lansdowne Studios in April 1995
'Quater' is a misspelling of 'Quarter'.

• The Psychedelic Sounds of the Orange Whip EP
7" - Treasure Island / Rejected Records - TID-10 / 1.000.004 - IRL - 1996 - PS, foc, 1000 numbered
Recorded at Tapeworm with John Bassetti.

• various artists - Zip Up Your Boots For The Showbands
CD - Knee-Jerk Records - Jerk 001 - IRL - 1996
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Warning ! May Contain Traces of Peanut
CD - Rejected Records / Damaged Goods - UK - 1997 - 4000 copies pressed
Recorded at Tapeworm with John Bassetti in 1996.

Notes Includes a secret uncredited re-mix track courtesy of Burning Love Jumpsuit at the end of track 7.

• various artists - Rejected Volume 2
CD - Rejected Records - 1.000.011 - IRL - 1998
See Compilations section for full track listing.
track: You Know When

• Supertease / Play The Shot
7" - Free State Recordings - none - IRL - November 1999 - PS, 500 copies
Recorded at ACME in mid 1998
Artwork by Dan Barry.

• Hind Leg Meaty / Sink Incisor
7" - Sex Show Records - none - IRL - June 2000? - PS


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