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From: Belfast

Active: 1978-1984

Style: Punk



Poppy punk band formed in Belfast in 1978. Recorded first demo at Downtown Radio Studios in 1980 and self-released a debut single in December 1981. This sold out quickly and proved that the Defects were the next great unsigned band in the north. They signed to WXYZ Records. Gary Smyth took over on bass circa 1981.

The Defects moved to London in 1982 and set out on 6-week So What Tour across the UK with the Anti-Nowhere League, Chelsea and Chron Gen. This was filmed by Stewart Copeland (with backing from brother Miles) with a view to cinema release but for whatever reason it never came out. Given the huge interest in the punk era these days, it's surprising it hasn't surfaced on DVD (or bit torrent!)

The debut LP was recorded at Jacob Studios in Surrey and released in November 1982 to critical acclaim. It spent 10 weeks in the indie charts, peaking at #10. The band's final single was in January 1984; Buck left shortly before the split in 1984, the rest of the band playing a couple of shows as a trio before finally disbanding.

Glenn joined Western Justice with members of Rabies, including Buck's borther gary Murdoch, and was later in Ashanti.

Ashanti figured in a one-off Defects reunion concert in 1996 though Buck was the only original member who took part. This performance was filmed and released on video as "Live At The Pavilion 12.10.96"

Most of the band members in the Defects/Ashanti axis are still active. The Defects reformed again in the 21st century with Glenn Kingsmore, Roy McAllistair (guitar), and Aidy Dunlop (bass). Marcus Duke occasionally joins them on stage. Glenn Kingsmore and Roy McAllister currently (2010) have a band called Take The Fifth, while Buck Murdoch is also with ska band Doghouse.


• Dance till You Drop // Guilty Conscience / Brutality
7" - Casualty Records - CR001 - IRL 24.12.1981 - (PS) 2000 copies

• Survival / Brutality
7" - WXYZ Records - ABCD 3 - UK - 1982 - (PS)
entered the indie charts on 8.05.82 for an 8-week run, peaking at #20

• various artists - Punky Party EP
7" - Flexipop - FLEXIPOP 25 - UK - 1982 - (no PS)
red vinyl flexi free with Flexi Pop magazine

• Defective Breakdown
LP - WXYZ Records - LMNOP 2 - UK 11.1982 - inner sleeve
CD - Captain Oi! Records - AHOY CD 029 - UK - 1994 - with 8 bonus tracks
the original LP entered the indie charts on 13.11.82 for a 10-week run, peaking at #10

• Suspicious Minds // Song for Mark Walker / Know About You
7" - ID Records - EYE 2 - UK 1.1984 - (PS)
entered the indie charts on 28.01.84 for a 7-week run, peaking at #17

• Live 1982
K7 - no label - ???? - UK 19??
A bootleg tape containing two live gigs recorded in 1982 in Birmingham (May 28th) and Brighton (August 22nd).

• The Defects / The Insane - Live 1982
cdr - no label - ???? - UK 2005?
A live split bootleg CD offered on eBay in 2006

• Defects Demos
LP - Punkerama Records / Anti-Society Records - UK - November 2010 - (17 tracks) 500 copies, orange vinyl, CD booklet, bonus CD
• Defects 79-84
CD - Punkerama Records / Anti-Society Records - UK - November 2010 - (27 tracks) 500 copies, 27 tracks

Notes: Previously unreleased archive recordings consisting of the 1979 demos and two live gigs from 1980 and 1982. Co-released by Punkerama Records in Belfast and Anti-Society Records in London. The vinyl edition comes with a bonus CD which presumably contains the tracks that would not fit on the vinyl (good idea lads). It can be ordered from punkerama.com (see links below)

• various artists - Bloodstains Across Northern Ireland Vol.1
LP - no label - UK - 1998
See Compilations section for full track listing.

tracks: Guilty Conscience

The Defects Reunion 1996

From: Belfast

Active: 1978-1984



A one off live reunion filmed and released on video by Barn End Video titled "Live At The Pavilion 12.10.96" (Barn End Video BE 180 - 1996)


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