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White Roxx

From: Portrush

Active: 1983-87

Style: Heavy Metal



Formed in 1983 in the coastal town of Portrush Co.Antrim in Northern Ireland, White Roxx were a promising heavy metal band who didn't make it in the grand scheme of things but lived the rock and roll lifestyle to the full. Their myspace page contains downloads of many recordings including their demo tape and various live gigs. It also provides a detailed band history which makes them sound like Northern Ireland's answer to Motley Crue!

Initially a bluesy Hard Rock band, they progressed to a more agressive, Heavy Metal sound but their 1985 demo tape does not bare this out. Instead it offers a cleaner, more melodic take of their material. This was down to several factors: producer Clive Culbertson's inexperience recording heavy metal bands, the limitations of the recording facilities themselves, the addition of keyboards on some tracks, and (crucially) the decision to use a drum machine rather than a live drummer.

[photo courtesy Peter Manley]

This pop-metal demo proved to be too lightweight for the metal labels and too metal for everyone else. As such it was ahead of it's time. It did attract the attention of Terry Hooley who offered to manage the band, but they split up. A farewell reunion gig one year later was recorded and released on video. Another brief reunion with original members Douglas and McAllister joined by a new guitarist Iggy and an drummer Dave McBride (of Uncertain Trumpet among others) was short-lived.

[photo courtesy Peter Manley]

Lineup: Jim Douglas (vocals), Peter Manley (ex Archie The Leper, guitar/backing vocals), Noel McAllister (bass), Budgie Diamond (drums). Budgie replaced early on by Mark Lafferty (drums). John Manley (of Archie The Leper) played drums for the 1988 reunion gig.


• On The Rocks
K7 - 1986 - demo tape, 300 copies
Recorded at No Sweat studios, produced by Clive Culbertson.

Notes: Peter Manley played all bass parts as Noel McAllister was out of commission thanks to a hand injury. A drum machine instead of a live drummer.

• On The Boxx
VHS - 1988 - video

Notes: Live video recording of the band's farewell gig in 1988.


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