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Dave Whyte

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From: IRL

Active: 70s onwards
Style: drummer


Dave Whyte has played drums in many bands over the years. He began playing guitar circa 1969/70, doing the folk clubs and bars in Cork and Limerick while a student at UCC. He also ran a short-lived folk club in Limerick during 1972. Finally he formed a band in 1975 (named ???) withj Mick Daly (guitar), Eoghan O Neill (bass) and Brian Callanan (drums). They lasted about a year.

Then he began to play drums in a variety of bands over a 20 year period including Sunwheel (1976), Gloria & The Mississippi, Joe Mac & Stage 2, Southpaw (1978-80), Ron Kavana's Juice on the Loose, The Jimmy MacCarthy Band (1981, playing on both Mulligan singles), Freddie White & the House Band (1981-82, two singles again on Mulligan Records), The Business (ca 1983-84, playing on the first two/three singles), Kieran Halpin's 'The Man Who Lived In Bottles' LP (1983), Erroll Walsh's Honky Tonk Heroes (ca 1984), Flex & the Fast Weather (ca 1986, 'The Darkness' single), Christy Moore's 'Unfinished Revolution' LP (1987), The Bree Harris Band (ca 1987), Country Lane, Mick Hanly & Rusty Old Halo's 'Still Not Cured' LP (1987), Tom Pacheco and the Dublin Outlaws (who also backed Rosie Flores), The Brush Shiels Band (late 80s, appearing on the 'Bad Bobs Boogie Country Classics' live album), and The Don Baker Band (1989-90).

In 1991 he moved to Luxembourg and played in local blues/rock band Blues Train, and more recently returned to playing guitar.

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