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Would Be's

From: Kingscourt, Co.Cavan

Active: 1989-92; 2000-

Style: Indie Pop



Wonderful indie pop band formed in early 1989 by the three Finnegan brothers, evolving from an their earlier band called The Nobody's. Another brother James Finnegan managed them and footed the bill for the recording and the first pressing of 250 copies of their debut single, released through Danceline Records. This single was famously championed by John Peel. It is more easily found as the UK pressing on Decoy. "I'm Hardly Ever Wrong" is one of the finest indie pop singles ever recorded.

The band became very hot property following the single's release, with A&R men coming from all over the world to sign them, yet inexplicably they chose to sign to a small indie label with no money: Decoy Records. 17 year old singer Julie McDonnell left the band shortly afterwards, choosing to stay at school, and she was replaced by Eileen Gogan, who debuted on the second EP "Silly Songs for Cynical People". Without proper financial backing, the band failed to capitalise on their early success and seeemd to disappear after a third EP in 1991. There was no debut album and the band split the same year.

The Would Be's returned in 2000 with a new singer Karen Cunningham. Eileen Gogan performs as Melba.

I'm not sure how long the 2000 reunion lasted but the original lineup (minus Pascal Smith) returned again circa 2012, apparently spurred on by the inclusion of their debut single in Tony Clayton-Lea's '101 Irish Records...' book. A couple of new singles were released ('Ivy Avenue', 'Let's Play Dumb') but I'm not sure if these were tangible releases or downloads. Paul Finnegan played drums.

Before Julie McDonnell there were two earlier singers who appeared on the first two demos: Rosie Finnegan (no relation to the band) sang on the first demo tape, two tracks from which appear on the Comet Tape #3 sampler in 1988, while Patricia Cullen sang on the second demo, from which one track was extracted for Comet Tape #4 (1989).


• various artists - Comet Tape 3
K7 - Comet Tapes - COMTAPE 5 - IRL - 1988
See Compilations section for full track listing.
The singer on these two tracks is Rosie Finnegan (despite her surname, no relation to the band).

• various artists - Comet Tape 4
K7 - Comet Tapes - COMTAPE 7 - IRL - May 1989
See Compilations section for full track listing.
The singer on this track is Patricia Cullen.

• I'm Hardly Ever Wrong / Great Expectations
7" - Danceline Records - DLS006 - IRL - January 1990 - no PS, 250 copies pressed
7" - Decoy Records - DYS 13 - 1990 - PS
• I'm Hardly Ever Wrong EP
12" - Decoy Records DYS 13(T) - 1990 - two different PS
Singer: Julie McDonnell.

• Peel Session, recorded 25.02.1990

• Silly Songs for Cynical People EP
12" - Decoy Records - DYS 18T - 1990
Singer: Eileen Gogan.

"Logic Makes No Sense To Me" was previously recorded in a faster version by The Nobodys

• Silly Songs for Cynical People
LP - Decoy Records - DYL 18 - 30 June 1990
CD - Decoy Records - DYL 18CD - 30 June 1990
CD - Toy Factory - TFCK-88705 - Japan - 1991 - 3 bonus tracks

The Decoy compilation collects the 1st and 2nd EPs. Why Decoy chose to release it with the same title as one of those EPs escapes me! There are no CD bonus tracks on the Decoy edition. Toy Factory in Japan added the 3rd EP (DYT26) to their CD release.

• Wonderful EP
12" - Decoy Records - DYT 26 - 1991
Singer: Eileen Gogan.

• Show Off / Love Addict / Show Off (karaoke mix)
CDS - Danceline Records - DCD-2003 - IRL - 2003

• Some Other Planet / All This Rubbish Is True / Some Other Planet (karaoke mix)
CDS - Wood Records - WRCD1 - IRL - 2001


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See Also: The Nobody's

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