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The Sinners

From: Finglas, Dublin

Active: circa 1979




Late 70s Dublin punk/new wave band, ex Special Features. Aidan O'Rourke was from Manchester and was a student at TCD. He left the band at an early stage, before any gigs had been played. Tony Pugh took over as lead singer. The band rehearsed in a ground floor room on Westland Row, opposite the church which inspired their name (chosen by Fergus Nolan) and at a rundown Georgian house on Mountjoy Square, run by John Breen of the School Kids. They played The Magnet on Pearse Street and probably The Ivy Rooms. Their set included Buzzcocks covers. They also played on the The Dream Dates Tour in June-July 1979 with The Boy Scoutz and Fabulous Fabrics, which included a gig in Banbridge in the north, and the Dandelion Market on Sunday 15 July 1979. Their final gig was supporting the Buzzcocks in Dublin in 1979.

The Sinners were highly rated judging by reviews at the time, but the band never released any recordings. They were set to record the first single for Heat Records but this (and the proposed Boy Scoutz single) fell through due to the libel action taken by U2 against Heat which forced the magazine to close in 1979. However, this does suggest that demos exist. I suggest they be released!

The lineup listed above is the original quartet. At one point the band advertised for a lead singer but couldn't find anyone suitable. Fergus Nolan was replaced by Vinnie Murphy (brother of Larry Murphy of Chant! Chant! Chant!) on bass before Mick Nolan (ex Fabulous Fabrics) settled in for the longest run.

Aidan O'Rourke was offered the job of bassist in The Vipers but he turned it down, choosing to stay in Dublin to complete his degree. He is now a photographer. Pugh, Walsh and Mick Nolan were later in New Heroes and Ghostdance. Vinnie Murphy worked with Stano and became a film-maker.


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