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The Host

From: Dublin

Active: - September 1983-85

Style: New Wave Rock



From Joe Ambrose's site:

The Host consisted of Charles O'Connor (ex Horslips), his old Horslips bandmates Johnny Fean and Eamon Carr (both fresh from the recently demised Zen Alligators), Peter Keenan (keyboards) and Chris Page (bass). They formed in September 1983 to work on a recording project based on the story of Brigid Cleary, the last woman to be burned at the stake as a witch in 1895. The album is much lighter and poppier than you'd probably expect. It was produced by Robbie McGrath, who did most of Horslips LPs. Two singles were released from the LP.

When The Host toured they included several Horslips tracks in their live set. Charles O'Connor left to be replaced by John Ryan and Brian O'Briain (pipes). This lineup released the final single and performed several unrecorded tracks including "Maud Gonne", "The Hidden Curriculum" (the theme music for a play commissioned by ITV) and an extended instrumental piece with the working title "The Celtic Overture". The Host split in 1985.

Fean went to the Last Bandits. Carr concentrated on journalism and his Hotwire label. Joe Ambrose later worked with The Baby Snakes.


• Tryal
LP - Changeling Records - CHRL 001 - IRL - 1983 - inner sleeve
LP - Aura Records - AUL 728 - UK - 1984

• Walk On Love / The Long Walk
7" - Changeling Records - CRS 8301 - 1983 - black PS
7" - Changeling Records - CRS 8301 - 1983 - red PS
Entered the Irish charts for 1 week at #27 in December 1983

• Witness Stand // Dark, Light and Air / Excerpt from "Loves Dark Light" (A Novel)
7" - Changeling Records - CRS 8401 - 1984 - PS
Novel excerpt read by Joe Ambrose and Eamon Carr.

• Walk On Love / Strange Disease
7" - Aura Records - AUS144 - UK - 1985 - no PS

• The Hellhound Was My Name / The Trip The King & The Creel
7" - Hotwire HOST 10 - 1985 - PS


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