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Those Nervous Animals

From: Sligo

Active: 1980s

Style: Pop



Sligo pop band active during the 1980s. Susan Rowland provided backing vocals for a number of years. Other musicians who passed through the band include Denis Woods (keyboards), John Donnelly (drums), Brian Despard (drums), Karl Geraghty (saxophone), Helen Walsh (vocals), Tom Jamieson (ex Strong Are Lonely, Clark's Gable, drums) , Ken (Tonto) McDonald (drums), Cathal Hayden (drums and percussion) and Pascale Benajour (percussion).

Their 1985 LP "Hyperspace!" was memorably described as containing "...surprisingly deft Arthur Baker touches amongst their pop stylings." Others drew (flattering) comparisons with Steely Dan. In fact the LP is overproduced and fails to capture the power of the band's live sound. A small fortune was spent in Windmill Lane achieving this effect with the help of synclavier and samplers (the bass is completely sampled, for example) rather than using the bands natural live sound -- an error of judgement common with many mid-80s pop recordings. It was one of the first digital recordings done in Windmill Lane.

The band's appearance at Self Aid (17 May 1986) was marred by a poor live mix (no guitar for most of the first two songs).

The band was reputedly in negotiations with a UK label but this never came to pass and the band split. TNA have played occasional reunion gigs in the 1990s and beyond.


• Just What The Sucker Wanted / Drive Away
7" - Dead Fly Records - DF001 - 1983

• The Business Enterprise (My Friend John) / Rebecca
7" - Dead Fly Records - DF002 - 1984

• Hyperspace!
LP/K7 - Tara Records - 2015 - 1985

• Hyperspace
7" - Tara Records - PRO 01 - 1985 - 1-sided white label promo [100 approx]

One-sided white label promo for radio airplay purposes. Approx 100 copies were made.

• How Does The Shopper Feel / Town
7" - Tara Records - TS 026 - February 1986
Both sides non-LP.

• Damien / The Business Enterprise (live at Self Aid)
7" - Tara Records - TS 030 - 10/1986

• various artists - Live for Ireland
2xLP - MCA Records - MCGD 6027 - IRL - 1988
See Compilations section for full track listing.

• Rocket Ship
CDS - Danceline Records - DCD019 - 2003

• various artists - Simpático: A Tribute to Finn
CD - Whirling Discs - WHRL 008 - 2003
A brand new recording.

• various artists - Best Irish Power Ballads In The World... Ever!
2xCD - EMI - CDIPB1 - 2008

• various artists - Sligo Rocks
LP - Sound Records - SUN CD53 - 2015
See Compilations section for full track listing.


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