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The Strougers

From: Dublin

Active: September 1977 - 1981

Style: punk



Formed in September 1977 under the spell of The Ramones, The Strougers were one of the original Navan Road powerpop/pop-punk bands, described as fast, poppy Ramones style with bass, drums and two guitars. Their badge read "THE STROUGERS - FASTER THAN THE RAMONES".

Strouger is a mis-spelling of "Strowger", the manufacturer of telecommuncations equipment. Denis Rusk, Noel Kellegher and Pete McCluskey, all worked at the time for Eircom, the Irish telecom company. The Strougers built up a strong following in the Dublin area, playing all the usual haunts, the Dandelion a half dozen times (with U2, the Sinners, etc), a residency at McGonagles, well received demo tapes, TV debut in March 1980 (on T.X.) but they never made it on to vinyl, either in their own right or on any of the various artists compilations that came out in the late 70s, which is surprising given how many lower profile bands did get onto those comps. Maybe The Strougers were just waiting for the perfect deal?

Of all the late 70s Dublin bands, The Strougers are the one most often mentioned as the band who really should have released something.

The Strougers recorded three demo tapes which I haven't heard. If anyone out there can supply copies, please get in touch. The first tape was "At The Movies" recorded in 1979 followed by "Into The Future" in 1980. These received good airplay. A single was planned for the end of 1980 but "In My Office" never materialised. According to Imprint fanzine, Good Vibrations made the band an offer which Denis Rusk wanted to accept but the others didn't and this led to a (temporary) split in 1980. They eventually parted ways in 1981.

The Strougers were reported to be rehearsing again in September 1983. Did this reunion last?

Bitzy remained active on the music scene and currently fronts the Lee Harveys. Denis Rusk was also in The Citizens and New Career and was later in Cuba Dares and Venetian Blond. He also recorded with Paul Angle and Stano. Pete McCluskey was later in the short-lived Driver and The Flying Club and was co-founder of Danceline Records.

Other songs not included on the demo tapes listed below: "Speeding On", "Broken Toys" and "The Sound".

Denis Rusk (seated, with guitar) and Pete McCluskey (right) in McGonagles dressing room with Bono (centre) when the Strougers supported U2 circa December 1979.

Dandelion dates:
• Saturday 26th May 1979 - supporting The Roumantics (The Romantiks?)
• Saturday 28 July 1979 - supporting U2
• Saturday 3 November 1979 - with headliners Population and bottom of the bill The Regents
other dates?

Recording History

• At The Movies
K7 - demo - 1979
Engineered by Dave Freely.

• Into The Future
K7 - demo - January 1980

• (third demo)
K7 - demo - 1980?
details unknown


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Last update: 9 September 2010.

See Also: Paul Angle, The Citizens, Cuba Dares, New Career, Stano, Venetian Blond

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