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Barry Warner

From: Limerick


Style: Synth/electro


Barry Warner is from Limerick. His early recordings are under the name Ultimate Treason though they are essentially solo releases. Ultimate Treason spanned 1981-85; before that Barry was involved in several intriguing bands active in the tape underground including The Date Rippers (1978-80), David Depraved (1980) and Tripper Humane (1980-81). He debuted under his real name with the "Real Man" single in 1985.

Most releases are on his own Self Made Messiah label, later distributed through EMI.

Ralph Lindheim of another Limerick band Tuesday Blue owned the 4 track used for some of Ultimate Treasons' early recordings which he also engineered. Barry also played keyboards in an early lineup of Tuesday Blue.

Barry played with The Prunes in the mid-80s as (temporary) vocalist. He appeared with the band both live and on a Fanning Session, but he does not appear on any of their records. There are at least two Prunes studio recordings featuring Barry on vocals which have yet to see the light of day. He was also involved in comedian Jon Kenny's "Emigrate On 45" single released in 1986 (Bus Records BUS32).

Pat Donne & Barry Warner

Barry bowed out of the music biz in 1991 with a cover of David Bowie's "Sound And Vision". This was recorded under the name The Good The Bad And The Bassline with Pat Donne, and received Bowie's blessing.

A number of Irish TV appearances are now hosted on Barry's myspace site.

Ultimate Treason Discography (1981-85)

• Teen Girl Riot - 3 Foot Tapers
K7 - Self Made Messiah - ??? - 1982
3 track single

• Alone
K7 - Self Made Messiah - ??? - 1983

tracks: The Eye Brigade / Highway Boy / ...

Notes: 10 track tape containing 6 songs and 4 instrumental versions, all in electo-pop in Soft Cell/Depeche Mode vein. Brief member Brian Hartnett provides some vocals and percussion. Alma Elvin provides French language spoken vocals on one track. Engineered by Ralph Lindheim.

• Do It
K7 - Self Made Messiah - ??? - 1984
Was this credited to Barry Warner as a solo release rather than Ultimate Treason?

• Bite Back
K7 - Self Made Messiah - ??? - 1984
Includes an early version of "Real Man"; side 2 is a megamix of side 1.

Barry Warner Discography (1985-)

• Real Man / Losing Control
7" - Revolving Records - REV 14 - 1985 - PS
Entered the Irish charts on 28.11.1985 for 1 week, peaking at #30.

• Dancing Without You / Throw Down
7" - Reekus Records - RKS 0020 - December 1986 - PS
• Dancing Without You (extended) // Dancing Without You / Throw Down
12" - Reekus Records - RKST 0020 - December 1986 - PS
Produced by Pat Dunne. Re-released in 1987

• Whats Happenin' / Small Town
7" - Self Made Messiah - SMM 001 - 1987 - PS

• Just A Floor / Jack The Floor
7" - Self Made Messiah - SMM 002 - 1988 - PS

• What's Happening... The Story So Far
mini-LP/K7 - Solid Records - ROCK4 - 1988-89
Remix album with one new track "Hanging Around Forever"

• Hanging Around (Forever)
7" - Solid Records? - ??? - 1989 - no PS?
Radio promo only

• Sound And Vision EP
12" - Futuresque Records - ??? - 1991
Credited to The Good, The Bad And The Bassline


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See Also: The Date Rippers (1978-80), David Depraved (1980), The Prunes, Tripper Humane (1980-81)

External Links: Barry's myspace site, Real Man promo video, Dancing Without You promo video,

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